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New Jane Fonda Workout DVD’s Target Seniors

jane fonda workout dvds for seniorsWhile she might be considered a senior citizen at 72, it would be hard for anyone to deny that celebrity superstar Jane Fonda looks amazing and physically fit. Fonda began her career as a stage actress in the late 1950′s, and moved on to gain popularity as a film actress in the 1960′s. She was involved in ballet for many years, but after she had a foot injury on the set of The China Syndrome, she moved into aerobics and strength training to get her exercise. This is what led Fonda to release her first exercise video in 1982, Workout: Staring Jane Fonda, which went on to sell millions of copies worldwide. The success of this exercise video resulted in a 13 year run for Fonda, as she released 23 more workout videos. In 1995 she released a set of 3 videos in a Personal Training Series, but moved back into activism work and acting after 1995.

Now 15 years later, Jane Fonda is back again on the fitness scene, as she is set to release two new fitness DVD’s in November, which are both targeted at the senior market. While some might be disappointed that Fonda is no longer wearing her signature outfits from her videos in the 1980′s, everyone will be impressed with how slim and energetic she is at age 72. Some may attribute it to good genes, but Fonda has been working out consistently for a number of years, and the hard work looks to have paid off. The two new DVD’s are entitled Walk Out and Fit & Strong, with the first focusing on aerobics, and the latter focusing on weight training. Watch out this holiday season for the DVD release, and then wait for the new Jane Fonda workout routines to be a hit at assisted living homes.

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