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Seniors Look Forward to Veterans Day Celebrations

Veterans DayInitially known as Armistice Day, Veterans Day was established on November 11, 1919, as a holiday to honor those veterans that fought in World War I. Overtime the day garnered more recognition when the United States entered World War II. In 1953 there was a campaign to convert Armistice Day into a holiday for all veterans, and in 1954 President Eisenhower signed the new holiday into law. Ever since, we have known this holiday as Veterans Day, in which we honor those veterans who have fought in any of the wars that the United States was involved in. Many of the veterans of past wars are now living in assisted living facilities, and they look forward to Veterans Day as it is a time to remember their experiences in the military and those veterans who are no longer with us. This holiday may not mean much to some of the younger people in the country, but the holiday means much more for those of us who know the history of this country.

During Veterans Day, there are a number of events and celebrations throughout the country, as people look to highlight those veterans in their area. Additionally there are a number of local and national businesses which go out of their way to give discounts or special promotions to veterans during this holiday. In many cases the discounts or benefits are carried over for the wives of military veterans.

With the many events being held, seniors throughout the country are anticipating this annual holiday. It is hard to keep up with all of the activities going on this upcoming Thursday for Veterans Day, so the best way for seniors to find out is to search online for local events or discounts that will be made available to them that day.

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