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“This is a Man’s World…” or Is It?

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There are about a million different ways to say it: at the end of the day, men and women are different. They have different expectations and needs for their lives and lifestyles.

From teenaged years when they first gain independence, to their twilight years, where they may need to reckon with giving up some of that independence in exchange for support in an assisted living facility, the way men interact with their surroundings is fundamentally different from how women do.

Nowhere is this more pronounced than when looking for an assisted living residence for an older gentleman. Too often these facilities are set up to appeal to their aging female population. There are a variety of reasons for this. Not the least of which is that there are usually more women in these places than men. The ratio tends to be about 3 to 1 women to men.

As a result, the decor can tend towards tastefully arranged flowers, stuffed animals, and throw pillows in common areas, instead of the hardwoods and leather sofas of many a “man cave.” And especially given the “greatest generation” giving way to baby boomers (despite the more refined sensibilities some in this demographic have developed), there is still that “hardened old man” contingent that expects somewhat more stereotypically masculine surroundings in his assisted living facility.

So what’s the answer? For facility owners, trying to appeal solely to men may be a hard pill to swallow. Let’s face it, more and more senior citizens are “aging in place,” or remaining in their personal homes later and later in life, transferring to assisted living oftentimes only after an accident or life-changing illness makes it entirely necessary, and even then sometimes against their will.

If assisted living homes can strike a balance, they could be sitting pretty. This would mean finding the middle ground between the comforts that female residents (stereotypically) find attractive, and other elements of decor or special places or activities that male residents would like as well. These sites could have a recipe that will draw the ever-increasing number of older men in assisted living homes in through their doors by choice, instead of by force.

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